This is a blog about nail polish, written by vegans.

It is dedicated to the nail polish lines that give us the colors we crave, while doing their best to minimize their products’ impact on the environment.

Although we will mostly cover cruelty-free nail polish, other topics pertinent to a vegan lifestyle will be scattered throughout this blog.

As we review products, we intend to be frank about compromising factors – undesir

able ingredients, undetermined vegan certification status, and the like. We will count on you to help us out, though. If we’ve missed something you feel readers should know, please please comment on the post! You can help us all become smarter, greener consumers.

To start things off, we’ve swatched one of our all-time favorite polishes – Zoya Carmen. It’s true red in jelly form, and it looks fabulous on everybody. It’s the best way we could think of to express our love for nail polish, all the Earth’s critters, and our future readers.

Zoya Carmen

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1 Response to happiness

  1. Debbie Spray says:

    Love this color – love this blog.

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