Perfect Couples

It’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Here’s some inspiration for mani-pedi pairings to celebrate the holiday, depending on what your plans may be.

Maybe you’ve just started dating, or simply haven’t decided where things are headed. When you don’t want to send the wrong signals, keep it demure with this pale lavender and pink set.

Zoya Heather

No Miss Manalapan Melon


And when you totally do want to send the wrong signals, the orange tinged RBL Chinoise and browned wine Zoya Paris make for an edgier look.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise

Zoya Paris


Do you look forward to Valentine’s Day because it gives you and your long term hunny a reason for romance? Take a day off from your comfortable neutrals, and try something on that would make you barf the rest of the year. Yes, this pairing is a bit cheesy, but it’s also pretty. So, pretty cheesy.

Btw, SpaRitual Loving In Pink is very cool-toned. If you have a lot of warmth in your skin, it has a sister polish in SpaRitual Laughing In Pink that’s more pink-gold than pink-silver.

SpaRitual Days of Wine and Roses

SpaRitual Loving In Pink

Screw It

And a set for those of you who don’t need a date to get into the Valentine’s spirit. If you reserve your heart for you dearest friends, go all out with colors only a BFF would truly appreciate.

Zoya Gilda

SpaRitual Knowledge is Power

The Knowledge is Power mini comes from SpaRitual’s new spring collection, Truth. Stay posted for a review of the full collection.

Peace and love,

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2 Responses to Perfect Couples

  1. colourcoated says:

    I love this post! The colors are beautiful and it’s so cute the way you gave options for different moods 🙂 Zoya Paris might be my favorite. I love the vampiness of it.

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