Let me upgrade you (giveaway)

I was sitting at my dining table, preparing my nails for some swatching, when . . .



Although this file has survived many fumbles, it was no match for tile.

Of course I thought it appropriate to reward my clumsiness with a nail file upgrade:


mini nail file by Eye for the Find

Pretty snazzy, huh? I was tempted to get a metal file in order to avoid another incident, but really prefer glass. I find it’s gentler on my nails, easier to clean (I use a nail brush to scrub and vinegar to soak), and something about the sound of using a metal file irks me. Plus, glass files are allowed on airplanes.

Regardless of the material, getting yourself a reusable file is an easy way to green up your mani-pedi routine. So, I got an extra to giveaway.


giveaway prize nail file

Whoop whoop! The giveaway prize is a full size (5.5″) nail file. These nail files are made by Eye for the Find. If you’re interested in some ramblings on their files you can keep reading, otherwise skip to the bold text for the giveaway details.

One thing to note about these glass files is the grit is very fine, so it’s not as useful as metal or disposables for taking a lot of length off. I actually prefer this because for me, one errant swipe with a medium grit file can completely mess up my intended nail shape. (If you’re looking for a a somewhat higher grit but want to try glass, the Sephora one I was using worked well.)

Eye for the Find also has some good information on glass files in their FAQ section.

Update: Since I mentioned how I keep my glass file clean, I picked up a couple little things to throw in with the giveaway. 1) The same nail brush I use to scrub my file. 2) A few disposable emery boards by EcoTools to keep in your purse, or use to if doing your friend’s nails and don’t want to take the hygienic risk of sharing your file.

added to the prize

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment below letting me know which type of file you prefer: glass, metal or emery boards. (Any specific file recommendations or how-to tips are welcome too.)

If you’d like a second entry, you can follow me on Twitter and leave an additional comment here with your Twitter name.

*Giveaway ends March 14, 2010 at 11:59pm PST.
*This giveaway is open to everyone from everywhere!
*File comes in a velveteen sleeve for safe keeping.

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10 Responses to Let me upgrade you (giveaway)

  1. Never tired glass but have used metal and emery boards. Prefer emery boards but I wear them out fast. Metal just goes whoosh! and I go O_o cause I took off too much.

  2. I follow you on Twitter as @kittypolishnbag

  3. colourcoated says:

    I love glass nail files because they leave my tips so smooth, but I still have a secret place in my heart for emery boards because they’re all I used before I knew better 🙂

  4. DragonRhia says:

    Its a very thoughtful giveaway. 🙂 For whatever reason, I’m a crystal file fan, my crystal file just works better than my glass ones. Don’t know why?

    • Thanks! I wonder if the shape of the grit is different between the two kinds? I think on one kind it’s acid etched, and on the other it’s sandblasted or something. I might just be making that up in my head tho.

  5. Lisa Mc says:

    Hey there… I always prefer glass files–they always seem to keep my nails the happiest. Even if I have to saw on said nails for a hot minute.

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