A messy girl’s Mardi Gras mani

We’re getting close to Mardi Gras, and those New Orleans’ Carnival colors have been on the brain, just begging to get mashed together in a mani.

Problem is I am in no way a nail art aficionado. But I do like to play with gradient manicures. It’s a nice way for those of us that aren’t so steady handed to get a little creative with our polishing. Here is what I’ll be sporting over the weekend:

Mardis Gras Mani

It’s not really a gradient manicure, but I used the gradient method with a sheer jelly so the purple (SpaRitual Illume) would fade into the green (Zoya Ivanka), rather than struggling to make a perfectly clean line. My process was as follows:

Zoya Ivanka

I started out with Zoya Ivanka that I had put on the day before, sans top coat.

SpaRitul Illume French Tips

Then, I added a thin coat of SpaRitual Illume, following the VNL that I could make out through the glitter.

SpaRitual Illume, second coat

Repeated that, doubling the size of the French tips. Again, with a very thin layer. With gradients, don’t fuss with each layer trying to make it perfect, otherwise the color might build up too much.

SpaRitual Illumer, third coat

One sheer more layer, just a bit farther down the nail. Then I used my base coat to blend it.

Nubar Gold Glitter Moons

For the last step, I took a pointed cotton swab and traced along the cuticles with Nubar Gold Glitter. Did that twice, cleaned up my cuticles, then slapped on a top coat.

If anyone else has a Mardi Gras mani I would love to see it! Link to it in the comments below. Pics of any gradients or other current nail art are welcome too.


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2 Responses to A messy girl’s Mardi Gras mani

  1. colourcoated says:

    I so love this! It’s super cute and creative! I’m thinking of doing a Mardi Gras water marble with the same colors, but we’ll see how that goes

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