Zoya lavenders comparison

Since ordering the Intimate collection, I now have Zoya’s three pastel purples in my stash, and thought I would post a comparison. This post is less for the sake of dupe hunting, and more to provide a reference for choosing which between lavender Zoyas.

I placed Marley (from the Intimate collection) between Heather and Miley. All are two coats.

L to R: Heather, Marley, Miley

Heather has some pink to it, and is also a bit lighter. There is alleged shimmer in Heather, but I really don’t see it. The result, rather, is a very high shine finish.
Marley’s silver shimmer is more visible, and there is a slight risk of streaking if you’re two heavy handed with it.
Miley has more blue, and is a sheer jelly. Miley is shimmerless.

In the photo below, I added two more thick coats of Miley to show the blue more clearly. Even at four coats however, Miley has not reached full opacity.

L to R: Heather, Marley, Miley

So Heather and Marley have their differences, but a lot of people won’t feel the need for both. Heather’s pretty lilac tint will flatter warm skin tones, and is the safest for work. Marley’s silver shimmer overcast will appeal to those who have been searching for a lavender polish that doesn’t feel quite so dainty.

Miley is really a different situation because of the jelly formula. While the sheerness might drive others crazy, I like the versatility. And the thing that’s really awesome about Miley is, if you’re going for a natural look but your tips are stained, one thin layer of blue-tinged Miley cancels out any yellow, giving you a lovely milky finish. It’s similar to using green concealer to hide red blemishes.

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3 Responses to Zoya lavenders comparison

  1. Zara says:

    Thanks for the comparison! I think Heather is my favorite…it’s hard to pick, though.

  2. Marlee says:

    I just happened upon this, and you really helped me make a decision! I’m going with Marley, because it’s more blueish and not as sheer. Plus it’s my name, which is pretty cool! Thanks!

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