Pink Wednesdays

This may seem strange, but I don’t own very much pink polish.  Although it may be a staple in many nail polish anthologies, in mine it’s an oversight. Most all of my pinks have been accumulated as a part of a seasonal collection, or out of necessity to comply to some dress code (interviews, weddings, etc).

Although pinks are big sellers, there’s not a lot of fandom for pink among bloggers. With greens and blues and current smokey neutrals abound, pinks struggle to gain attention. Out of a love for the movie Mean Girls, and remorse for neglecting their pink polishes, a few bloggers began On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.

Luckily, this clique isn’t at all as exclusive as the Plastics. In fact, despite telling them that I simply don’t have enough pinks to last, I was encouraged to join in the fun. If you have a blog and want to wear pink on Wednesdays, all you have to do is click the Join Us! tab and fill out the form on that page.

So below is my Wednesday offering of pink. It’s SpaRitual Lustress from last summer’s Kaleidoscope collection. It’s the only pink I haven’t already featured  (most were included in my Valentine’s Day post), and it’s not even the truest pink – it’s a bit coral. That’s how much I’m hurting for pink polishes.

SpaRitual Lustress

In the bottle, Lustress looks a bit odd. The silver shimmer separates and seems to line the glass, making it look chalky. But once it’s on the nail, Lustress is a fun, summery hue with a subtle foil finish. The swatch is three coats.

Now go bookmark On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, and bask in the participating bloggers’ weekly homage to the classic, irrepressible pink.


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5 Responses to Pink Wednesdays

  1. Lisa Mc says:

    That’s a freakin lovely color. Never would have looked twice at it.

    • Same! I bought w/ some other polishes just cuz it was on sale. Figured it would just be a decent pink standby, but the touch of coral made it a lucky surprise. I need to go check out your pink for the day!

  2. colourcoated says:

    I love the shimmer in this! I’m so excited about all the pinks I’m seeing today! 🙂

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