Vegan Easter Egg Decorating

Once upon a time, this would’ve been the day that I spent dyeing eggs. But since I gave up animal stuff, I don’t take part in that tradition anymore. Instead I spent the day decorating my nails!

SpaRitual Truth "Eggs"

I tried to file them in a bit of a rounded way, and used the SpaRitual Truth collection because the colors just looked so Eastery. I bought embossing tools from Michael’s for the spots, and used thin strips of tape for the stripes.

The spots turned out fairly clean, but the stripes took a few tries and still look like they were done by a child. (More authentic then I suppose!)

Anyone have fun Easter plans? Egg hunts, basket exchanging, candy gorging? Entering Colour Coated’s Easter Giveaway if you haven’t already? Exchanging nasty old bottles for some new Zoya polishes?

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5 Responses to Vegan Easter Egg Decorating

  1. Absolutely LOVE your easter egg nails. 🙂 No big plans, I’m more into May Day. Glad to see you posting again, missed you.

  2. I LOVE them as well! Embossing tool? I gotta check this out!

  3. Aunt Vicky says:

    Love the egg-nails! Very eggceptional. (Sorry, had to do it.)

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