Zoya Sunshine – Swatches & Review

Time to show you my swatches for the Zoya Sunshine collection, before their fall Smoke & Mirrors set premiers in a couple weeks. All these fall collection press releases are getting way ahead of me. July is just too early to be thinking about autumn, no?

Anyway, much like last summer’s Sparkle & Flash from Zoya, the bright cremes of Summertime, pair up with Sunshine, a collection of six more of those somewhere between foil and glass-flecked glitters that Zoya has mastered.

The formula on these is right in line with the Sparkle polishes, which means sheer colored bases that allow the oodles of glitter to shine through. Although the intense light reflection distracts from visible nail line, sticklers against VNL may still be dissatisfied. I went ahead and used three coats for all of these polishes for consistency, even though the reds, Kimmy and Reva, didn’t necessarily need it.

Zoya Tanzy

The sheerest of the bunch, Tanzy, is perhaps the truest to the collection’s name. Doesn’t that just look like sunshine in a bottle? Or maybe orange juice – packed with glitter instead of pulp. Yum.

Zoya Rica

Rica has a grapefruit pink base, with orange and gold glitter throughout. Because of the varied colors, Rica seems the most lively of the bunch to me – shifting from an orange to pinky coral as your lighting situation changes.

Zoya Kimmy

I’m not in love with Kimmy. I think it would better on those with warm toned skin. Even so, while she contains some of that gold glitter that ties this collection together, most of the glitter matches Kimmy‘s fiery red base. It blends in and makes the color variation less impressive on this polish than the rest.

Zoya Reva

Reva is a sort of raspberry, sometimes pink and sometimes red. It’s definitely pretty, but I can’t help feeling it has a bit of a “high maintenance” look to it. As you can see, Reva also has mostly matching glitter, but steps it up with a bit more gold than Kimmy.

Zoya Faye

Here is the much adored Faye. Gold and copper glitter packed into a contrasting thistle purple base makes this one magical. Goes on a bit sheer, but really reflects the light. Most of the time you can barely see the purple past all the sparkle. If I did the makeup for production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Faye would be on all the fairies’ nails.

Zoya Apple

Apple is gorgeous. She’s like a lighter, golden sister to Ivanka, which is both a compliment and a complaint. Although Apple is awesome, she’s not as awesome as her older sister, and anytime I want my nails slathered in green glitter, I’ll be reaching for Ivanka. I wish Apple had something more to set her apart, because as is, the polish feels like a bit of a redundancy.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Number one pick for me is Rica, Faye in second, and Tanzy takes the bronze. If you’ve hit the bottom of a bottle of Ivanka, Apple is worth a try.

Regardless of which colors pull you in, all these polishes apply wonderfully. I think the low lacquer to glitter ratio gives them an extra fast dry time, which is perfect for a summer pedicure in a hurry.

Zoya polishes are vegan, big 4-free, and do not contain Camphor.

Zoya retails at $8 for .50 oz.
The full six piece Sunshine collection retails for $48.

Which Sunshine polishes get your approval? How do you think they stack up to the 2010 Sparkle collection? And are you also holding on to summer and its bright colors for dear life?

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2 Responses to Zoya Sunshine – Swatches & Review

  1. Thalie says:

    I like Tanzy and Apple.

  2. Aunt Vicky says:

    Another great analysis Sonja! Loved your descriptions. While I’m a little old for all that glitter, I think I definately have to get Faye for my girls. I can see it on Shelby for Homecoming.

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