Harry Potter Nail Art featuring the SpaRitual Wilde collection

Harry Potter nail art has been all over the polish blogs these past couple weeks in anticipation for the last movie. In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of my favorites:

♥A tribute to Fawkes and allegiance to Dumbledore’s Army by Zara at Never Unpolished.
♥Nicole at Glitta Gloves did a crackle mani for poor misunderstood Snape, and Kirsten did a lightning bolt themed one.
♥Elizabeth something different for each Hogwarts house, starting with Hufflepuff, at Life and Polish.
♥Kristyn at Paint that Nail features a couple of the series’ most loveable characters.
♥As for the mani by Deniz at Emerald Sparkled, well you just have to see it.
♥And same goes for The Daily Nail.

Now for mine. I used the SpaRitual’s new collection for fall, Wilde (full swatching this week), plus some others. I used tape to do all but the thumb where I used a small angled brush.

Thumb:  Nubar Gold Glitter & Silver Glitter over SpaRitual Instinct
Index:  SpaRitual Running with Wolves over Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm
Middle:  Zoya Richelle over SpaRitual Spirit Child
Ring:  SpaRitual Sacred Ground over SpaRitual Rhythm of Life
Pinky:  SpaRitual Howl over No-Miss Sun Gold

Who’s seen the final movie and what did you think? Are you sad that it’s all over, or does HP fanaticism never really end?

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5 Responses to Harry Potter Nail Art featuring the SpaRitual Wilde collection

  1. debbiespray says:

    I haven’t seen the movie. I know how it ends. Looking forward to seeing it in IMAX 3D! Which of the five nails themes do you think I should do? I’m thinking either the thumb and just the lightening bolt on the fingers or Middle: Zoya Richelle over SpaRitual Spirit Child.

    • I just saw the movie in a regular theater and it was pretty intense. Must be really crazy in IMAX 3D.

      The lightening bolt is my favorite if you have a small brush for it, but everyone has tape to do one of the house designs. I just painted the nail red (Spirit Child), waited for it to dry completely, then put a piece of tape at an angle covering the base of the nail, and painted gold (Richelle) over it.

  2. These made my day, thanks for sharing 🙂
    I really loved the last movie (saw the 3D version). They followed the story perfectly from when Voldemort stole the Elder Wand, and even managed to spice up the final fight sequence. HP will never end. Dumbledore’s Army for life!

  3. alexys says:

    I want to do harry potter nail art SO badly! I’m pretty artistic, and I want to do the four house shields on each hand with the classic “HP”. My biggest issue is not being able to paint it onto my right hand, seeing as I’m not ambidextrous. 😦

  4. Dori says:

    I LOVE this!! Super duper cute and creative :0)

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