Diamond Cosmetics – Don’t Teal My Heart Away

A while back I won Anamaria’s Teal Toes Giveaway at Madness and Polish Collide. Yay! The prize was another awareness-raising polish, Don’t Teal My Heart Away from Diamond Cosmetics, so I thought I better show it to you before September, Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, completely passes by.

Don't Teal My Heart Away

Don’t Teal My Heart Away is a perfect autumn teal, equal parts blue and green. This is my first ever Diamond Cosmetics polish, and I am majorly impressed. The formula is buttery and opaque, and I can hardly believe it’s a two-dollar-and-fifty-cent polish. This is one coat!

Visit TealToes to learn more about their Ovarian Cancer Awareness campaign.

Diamond Cosmetics has been giving 25¢ to ovarian cancer research for each bottle of Don’t Teal My Heart Away sold.

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3 Responses to Diamond Cosmetics – Don’t Teal My Heart Away

  1. thecraftyangel says:

    VERY pretty! And one coat? wow!

  2. colourcoated says:

    I am in all kinds of love with this color. It looks so pretty on you! I placed a Diamond Cosmetics order a couple of days ago and this was part of it. I can’t wait to get it now!

    • Me too! LOL. I got the fall collection, some glow-in-the-dark, and some orange polishes for more Halloween nail art. I can’t quite get over how many polishes I got for under $30. Although in some ways that’s more dangerous than $12+ ones that I consider for a while before buying.

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