Simple Frankenstein’s Monster nail art

Here’s a bit of Halloween nail art that’s less involved than the past few posts.


I simply started with Ginger + Liz Ivy League, which is a great eerie green. Then I swiped on a fast drying top coat to hurry things along. I used Zoya Blair (a sweet surprise gift from Jasmine in a swap) for the scar, and Zoya Dovima, a matte shimmer polish, for the the stitches.

I feel particularly connected to Frankie because I have a scar across my forehead too. I got mine when I was seven, dancing the conga with our dog, Sienna, who had about 20 pounds on me. I lost my balance when she jumped up on my shoulders, and hit my head on the TV stand. This was back when stitches were all gnarly looking too, so it was extra awesome. Kids these days are missing out.

Peace & love,

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2 Responses to Simple Frankenstein’s Monster nail art

  1. Aunt Vicky says:

    Love the simplicity of it I hope you’ll keep it on for e few days – unless you have another awesome Halloween idea – then I want to see it!
    The nostalgic story is nice touch. Good ol’ Sienna!

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