Simple Frankenstein’s Monster nail art

Here’s a bit of Halloween nail art that’s less involved than the past few posts.


I simply started with Ginger + Liz Ivy League, which is a great eerie green. Then I swiped on a fast drying top coat to hurry things along. I used Zoya Blair (a sweet surprise gift from Jasmine in a swap) for the scar, and Zoya Dovima, a matte shimmer polish, for the the stitches.

I feel particularly connected to Frankie because I have a scar across my forehead too. I got mine when I was seven, dancing the conga with our dog, Sienna, who had about 20 pounds on me. I lost my balance when she jumped up on my shoulders, and hit my head on the TV stand. This was back when stitches were all gnarly looking too, so it was extra awesome. Kids these days are missing out.

Peace & love,

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Werenails, or furry Manolo manicure

When I woke up this morning I found my Helmer torn to shreds, nail polish everywhere, and this swatch on my memory card. Apparently there was a full moon last night and my nails transformed into . . . WERENAILS!!


Ok faux reals . . .

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For my Mummy Dearest

Today is my mom’s birthday, so this one goes out to her. I hesitated to dedicate such a messy mani, but since accepting weird, unintentionally Picasso-inspired art projects as gifts is kind of what moms are supposed to do, I figured this was more than appropriate:

For those who might want to recreate it, the procedure goes as follows:

  1. Cut a tissue into thin strips, about two or three millimeters wide, then separate the layers and set aside. The cheap, non-fuzzy type works best.
  2. Apply a base coat, then from here on out work on one nail at a time.
  3. Apply one coat of a white or off-white polish. (I used Nubar White Peony.)
  4. Work quickly while the nail is damp to lay the strips of tissue across the nail. If the nail starts to dry, lightly dab on some more white polish as you go. This also helps to get overlapping strips to stay down.
  5. Use stork scissors, or other small scissors to trim the strips of tissue along the walls of the nail. The scissors are also helpful in pressing down the strips as you lay them down, without smudging the polish underneath.

And that’s it! Don’t use a top coat because it will make the strips transparent. While this isn’t the most durable manicure, it’s not one of those that turns you into a completely helpless person either. I was still able to open a can of lemon La Croix, and you can get the nails wet as long as you just gently pat them dry.

Peace & love (and happy birthday, Mummy!),

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It’s October now, and this time of year always taps into my right brain. Instead of using that creative energy only for costume-making, I’ll be posting lots of All Hallow’s Eve inspired nail art throughout the month, starting with this simple bat scene:

I chose Zoya Mira for the night sky. For the moon I swiped SpaRitual Eye of the Beholder over punch hole reinforcing stickers (sent by Holly from Madness and Polish Collide for half moon manis). And any opaque black polish will do for the bats, but I found SpaRitual Street Smart’s jelly formula particularly easy to control. I used dotting tools to place the centers of the bats, and then a small nail art brush to draw out the wings and ears.

If you can get your hands on bat-shaped nail art stickers that could save a lot of time. There’s also a bat stamp on Bundle Monster plate 213, which could give a tidier appearance.

Peace & love,

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Diamond Cosmetics – Don’t Teal My Heart Away

A while back I won Anamaria’s Teal Toes Giveaway at Madness and Polish Collide. Yay! The prize was another awareness-raising polish, Don’t Teal My Heart Away from Diamond Cosmetics, so I thought I better show it to you before September, Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, completely passes by.

Don't Teal My Heart Away

Don’t Teal My Heart Away is a perfect autumn teal, equal parts blue and green. This is my first ever Diamond Cosmetics polish, and I am majorly impressed. The formula is buttery and opaque, and I can hardly believe it’s a two-dollar-and-fifty-cent polish. This is one coat!

Visit TealToes to learn more about their Ovarian Cancer Awareness campaign.

Diamond Cosmetics has been giving 25¢ to ovarian cancer research for each bottle of Don’t Teal My Heart Away sold.

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SpaRitual In Pink 2011 BCA Collection – Swatches & Review

Happy Pink Wednesday everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve taken part in a Pink Wednesday, but today it’s back with SpaRitual’s three polish In Pink Breast Cancer Awareness collection. This year 20% of proceeds from these polishes go to Cancer Schmancer, Fran Drescher’s organization which focuses efforts on early detection of cancer, as well as prevention.

BCA month is right around the corner, so it’s a good excuse to break out those neglected pinks in the back of your polish drawer. For me, pink polishes need something special going on, otherwise they end up on my MUA swap list or handed off to a friend. Luckily, the In Pink set has a lot of pizzazz, and I’m actually looking forward to wearing these beyond October.

SpaRitual Knowledge

Knowledge is a gritty pink glitter with a hefty amount of holo glitter thrown in and a lot of peachy warmth. The base liquid is very sheer pink, but it has great coverage at two coats. As you might imagine, removal is very messy. Glitter everywhere!!

SpaRitual Clarity

Three coats give you good coverage with Clarity, a heavy ice pink glitter with a clear base. Although you can probably spot some patches, I don’t think you’ll have this problem if you’re more patient than I was between applying coats.

SpaRitual Strength

Strength is more mature/less exciting than the other two but still quite festive. Along the same lines as Zoya Faye but pinker and a little less sparkly. It’s a smooth formula that is opaque at two coats.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

These seem like great gift polishes—unusual but wearable, and they show support for a good cause. My favorite of the bunch is Knowledge, which is fun alone, or as an accent on just the ring finger worn with another color.

SpaRitual polishes are vegan and big 4-free.

SpaRitual retails at $10 for .50 oz.

How do you feel about these? Anyone been looking forward to these or any other BCA collections?

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Nubar Polished Chic – Fall 2011 Collection Preview

When it comes to reading press releases, I try not to get my hopes up until I’ve seen bottles, or at least trusty swatches. Nubar’s Polished Chic collection preview has definitely peaked my interest though. Check it out:

This season, Nubar brings you eight new and enticing fashion forward colors of our premium carcinogen and cruelty free nail lacquer with the Polished Chic Collection.  Offering contemporary colors perfect for work, casual daytime wear, and even a night out, every woman can look to Nubar’s Polished Chic Collection to update her look.

Classic Camel – an updated buff creme
Faded Putty – a modern pale putty crème
Edgy Umber – a deep brown crème
Beguiling Carmine – a brick red crème
Vogue Vert – a contemporary light green crème
Mod Aqua – a light turquoise crème
Stylish Peacock – a perfect teal crème
Elegant Indigo – a sparkling blackened blue

Will Edgy Umber hold a candle to neutrals Marabout and Chiffon from last autumn’s Finest Silks collection? Could Beguiling Carmine be the perfect on-trend cinnamon red I’ve been hoping to find?  And both a mint green and an aquamarine in one collection? Well, that’s just fantastic.

The Polished Chic collection is now available at

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