Scarecrow’s patches

I needed just about every nail art tool in my arsenal to put this manicure together. I’ll take you through the steps after the photo.

scarecrow's patches

  1. I started by alternating these polishes (thumb to pinky) for the base: Zoya Kelly, SpaRitual Twig, Diamond Cosmetics Hot Cocoa Kisses.
  2. To place the patches I taped off squares, then painted over with (thumb to pinky): Diamond Cosmetics Sunset in Sedona, Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit, SpaRitual Pebble, Zoya Jana, and DC Hot Cocoa Kisses.
  3. I re-taped my thumb, middle and ring fingers to prep for stamping.
  4. With Konad plate m60, I stamped the plaid pattern on my thumb (SpaRitual Pebble) and middle finger (RBL Orbis Non Sufficit), and paisley on my ring finger (SpaRitual Twig).
  5. Using my smallest dotting tool, I added DC Sunset in Sedona polka dots to the pinky finger patch.
  6. I added stitches with an angled nail art brush and Zoya Codie.

I really like the creative options this manicure allows. Obviously you can use any autumnal colors in your collection, and I just provided the ones I used for those curious. Also, the patterns add some interest, but you could also cut down on the time this takes sticking with solid patches. If you decide to try it for yourself, definitely leave a comment below or Tweet me with a photo.

Peace & love,

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6 Responses to Scarecrow’s patches

  1. Lisa Mc says:

    These are freaking adorable!!!

  2. Oh this is amazing! I’m a quilter so this would be a great mani idea for me. Thank you so much for going thru the steps 🙂 Enjoy your gorgeous fall nails!!

  3. Aunt Vicky says:

    So, so, SO cute! I a forwarding this to my quilty/crafty friends!

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