Very last minute Christmas gifts

Have you been completely lost on what to get for the guy or girl who has every polish? Well here are some last minute shopping ideas. Go! Now!

Nail Polish Gloves

Nail Polish Gloves from H&M. These cost $5.95 and came with a matching red pair attached. If you don’t have an H&M in your town, I’m betting these wouldn’t be to difficult to make. Just go get a pair of basic gloves and some glitter puffy paint (or your favorite polish) and have at it. Then you can choose any color you want.

Nail Polish Ornament

Nail Polish Ornament by Merck Family’s Old World Christmas. This traditional glass ornament costs $7.99 and comes in both red and pink. Visit their website to find a shop near you that carries OWC ornaments.

Diamond Shape Nail Ring

Diamond Shape Nail Ring from Topshop. This ring is sized to fit at the top of the finger, framing the nail. It costs $15, and the Topshop near me had two other designs priced at $12, including one that looks like a gold press-on nail.

Peace, love & happy holidays,

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